The Toddlers through 5th Grade classes will be working with Bible lessons from the Bible Zone curriculum series.  Teachers will select from 52 lessons which include a memory verse, games, and story passages from the Bible, puzzle solving, drama, stories and music.

Toddlers, Twos & Threes will be in the nursery with several parent leaders and other extra adult volunteers directing play and other activities.

Fours and Kindergarten Children will meet in Room 113 

1st and 2nd Graders will meet in Room 118

3rd through 5th Graders will meet in Room 121 

Middle School Students (grades 6th – 8th) will continue to grow in their faith in their own new group while using “re:form” curriculum published by Augsburg Fortress Press.  The units of study include:  Bible, Creed, Discipleship, Jesus, Other Beliefs, Tough Questions.  Each lesson begins with a short DVD to grab attention and focus the lesson, followed by activities to engage the students and encounter the relation of the lesson to the Bible.  The students will meet in the room we call “The Cry Room” near the sanctuary.

Senior Highs/College Students will be using the “faithelements” website to discuss current events, music, and topics relevant to this age group and will follow the lectionary series for the year.  The students will meet in Room 119.

Topics Class for Adults – Meets in Rooms 122-123 – We will be making use of materials from The Thoughtful Christian, lessons from the lectionary series “faithelements” website, and special programs from several volunteer leaders.  We encourage you to volunteer to help lead some sessions that you think would be relevant and of interest to the adults at Monaghan.

Special intergenerational activities are planned for December and May.  Information on dates and activities will be printed in the worship bulletin insert.

Visitors thinking about joining Monaghan can participate in an Inquirer’s Class which is held two times a year.  Watch the worship bulletin insert for dates and times in the Fall and Spring.

Regular Sunday School Classes for Everyone Begin the Sunday after Labor Day at 9:15 and end for the summer the Sunday before Memorial Day in May.

We hope you will join us!